The Pastors

Native Baltimoreans, Pastor Tom and Pastor Michelle began their life together serving God and the body of Christ ministering to the street people and homeless in Baltimore City. The have been married and in ministry since 1988. 

These Apostolic Pastors have an evangelistic background and it is their desire to see people come and experience the reality of God’s love; His saving power, and GRACE.  

They know the importance of equipping people into their destiny and building a deep relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Tom
Pastor Tom has the heart of an evangelist. As a boy, Tom would go to the race track to earn money walking the horses. His love of horses, fearlessness and small stature made becoming a jockey a natural choice. He spent many years on the race circuit riding the horses of the rich and famous and becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs along the way. Despite his addictions, Tom was known as a man with a good heart. When his addictions nearly killed him, a blacksmith at the track, a friend who truly loved him, stepped in and introduced Tom to Jesus Christ.
When Tom experienced the transforming Love of God in his heart he knew it was time to get the rest of himself in order. He knew he needed help. Tom entered Teen Challenge of Capitol Heights, MD; a life changing program. Here God transformed Tom’s life, called him into ministry and gave him a mentor (Bro. Mason Sorenson) to teach him. As a graduate he served on the Ministry Team of Teen Challenge until God called him to go out into the “Highways & Hedges” and minister to the homeless and street people of Baltimore. Pastor Tom isn’t on the street ministering today, but the love that God put in his heart for people has not diminished the smallest bit.
Pastor Tom has a way of communicating the gospel that makes you just understand the Word of God and His love for you. Maybe it is because he knows the trials of life; homelessness, incarceration, depression, and defeat. Tom could barely read, but at age 39 he dedicated himself to reading the Word of God and has completed reading the Bible for the 24th time this year. Pastor Tom says, “I was beat up from the feet up, Tore up from floor up, Wrecked up from the neck up, But God changed me and restored me.” His practical approach to the pathway to God’s heart has given him the joy of seeing hundreds of people meet his Savior.
Pastor Tom loves music and is self-taught. He plays the banjo harmonica, guitar, mandolin, drums and keyboards. He has also written some of the songs he performs.
Pastor Michele
Pastor Michele has an Apostolic calling on her life and the Heart of God for His People.
She spent 11 years with her husband, Tom, ministering to the homeless and street people of Baltimore; this work has enabled her to come away with a true understanding of God’s heart for His people. She has spoken nationally to the Body of Christ with her message of encouragement and destiny.
Her ministry and heart is to reach out to; the wounded church, the broken hearted, and wandering souls and help them discover their destiny as sons and daughters of the Creator of heaven and earth. Pastor Michele’s vision is to see people understand God’s love for them and be equipped through the Word and a deep relationship with Jesus. She knows that if a person is healed and knows their gifting, they can walk out the destiny of God for their life.
Her other passions are; Tea Time with Jesus a ministry that takes the nicety of tea and the love of God to refresh those in need. She enjoys travelling and meeting people from all over the world.
Pastor Michele is active in her community association and knows that being involved can influence positive change and godly presence. She is fluent in conversational Spanish and has completed a two-year degree in biblical studies through ISOM. She has recently completed a trip to Honduras where she ministered the Gospel.